Catfish Update

So friends I have had a weird day today on the Catfish Saga. I received a message today on facebook from the real person who’s identity was used to create the profile of Lewis and Greg.  It would appear it was the cousin who is infact not really his cousin after all but an ex friend.  It would appear I am not the first person he has done this too and the real person has had girls turning up at his work that have been catfished by this person.

I have helped him out today with what details I have and he has reported it to the police.

I am happy that I know the truth now and can rest easy knowing that I was right to tell the girlfriend so that they could contact me and get the real person who is doing this hopefully a little bit of karma.

Love Brighton dating girl x

The Depressive

Now I know I say I feel I have dated the set of weirdos and “Ted” is another example of this.  I met Ted on he seemed like a normal guy.  There’s that word again normal! Maybe I should pick one that seems weird and then maybe I will get the opposite effect.

Ted was 32 and local.  We had been chatting for about a week and had agreed to meet at a pub local to my work.  He said it was just for one no pressure drink as he had himself been on a few horror dates and therefore did not want any pressure.  The date started off with him running late and me sitting in the pub waiting but when he did arrive he did at least look like his pictures!

The date went well as we seemed to forget about the one drink rule we had agreed on and went on a bit of a pub crawl through Brighton.  I got home at 2am so for a one drink date thought it went reasonably well.  A few truths were revealed on the date such as he had been married to an asian girl (which wasn’t on his profile) Also that his mum had died of cancer a year ago and he wasn’t over it and had moved back home to look after his dad which had contributed to his divorce and he wasn’t quite over it.  I did however agree to a 2nd date!!

A week later we went on the 2nd date within 1 drink Ted starting talking about his mum.  My dad has been through cancer and I really do appreaciate the pain it can cause but on a second date the conversation was a little heavy and depressing to say the least.  I am looking for someone to date not someone to counsel!  I did however agree to a 3rd date as although the conversation was a little depressing we didn’t lack things to talk about.

The 3rd date however pretty much sealed the deal for me in terms of Ted.  We met at Weatherspoons as he wanted to go somewhere cheap not a great start. I have nothing against Weatherspoons but there is a time and a place and a date is not one of them in my opinion. After a swift drink we moved onto a local Vietnamese restaurant.  We shared a starter as Ted wanted to keep things to a budget and then had a main course each.  I had a couple of beers and Ted had one and then had a bit of my 2nd one.  When the bill came Ted got out his iphone and started to work out what we had each had.  Half the starter each, main course each, 1 and 1/3 beers for Ted and 1 and 2/3 beers for me.  I kid you not he sat there working it out.  The total bill only came to £37.  I got so annoyed I threw £20 0n the table and walked out as the difference was only about £ 1 just to split the bill down the middle.

Ted did try to get in contact with me following the date but I need someone to date who is man not who needs counselling.  Hardly the best way to start any relationship in my opinion.


Brighton dating girl x