Took a chance recently and started to go on dates and start dating a nice guy. Very nice and pleasant if not a tad dull but was training to be a pilot and therefore had an exciting hobby.

First date seemed to go well and we quickly organised a 2nd, 3rd date. If fact in total we had 10 dates!!

However as I learnt more and more about ‘OCD’ I realised we were not at all compatible.

I love sport, he did not like any sport at all.

I love going out to restaurants and sampling the restaurants in Brighton. he has eaten in one restaurant only and none in Brighton.

I love to party and have a drink, it took him 2 and half hours to drink one beer.

I like to eat chips in the street or on the beach or have a kebab, he won’t do this as the air in Brighton is too dirty.

I love visiting London and doing different things like the Zoo, he hates London and hasn’t been since 2006.

I like to be spontaneous and wake up and think I’d like to go out today and go to London or do a little day trip, he has never done this and liked to have everything planned.

As you can see its quite a list of difference’s and these were the ones that sealed the deal for me.

As we had been on a few dates he had come round for dinner one night at mine and asked me if I wanted to go for a lay down! Now I know this may appear sweet but it hardly made me go weak at the knees and think yes in fact it just made me think actually I am quite tired and could do with a sleep.

I was honest with him and told him I thought as much as he was a nice guy we were just too different. I gave it a good chance but sometimes in dating you just have to accept that it’s not going to work and you need to move on.

I do still want to date a nice guy but one with a few more common interests with me would be a good start.


Brighton Dating Girl x

Scat Man – Warning on this one! Not for the faint hearted.

IMG_3578Ok folks I didnt actually think I would be persuaded to write a full blog about scat man as I really wasnt sure that anyone would want to read about it to be honest.  However, it has provided me and my friends as well as my family with some giggles over the last few months so here goes nothing I guess……….

I met scat man on POF surprise surprise.  Dialogue started off qute sensible to start with until he then said to me ‘I was surprised to hear back from you considering what is on my profile’  At this point I did panic slightly thinking did I miss something really bad when reading his profile.  Given some of the fetishes etc. I have come across I thought I was a little more savvy now in picking up on key words that might suggest a fetish like ‘watersports’ as an example.  I didnt remember reading anything that had alerted me to a fetish or him being a serial killer but I went back and read his profile again just to be sure.  The only word I must confess I had kind of skipped over was the word ‘Scat’ naively perhaps as like most people I have asked 98% have no idea as I did that ‘Scat’ is not music (most of you may remember the song ‘I’m a scatman’) well Scat is indeed a fetish for Poo or Shit as scat man prefers.

At this point I think curiousity took over and I asked scat man how he had realised that he had a bit of a thing for poo.  He explained that he was in the bath one day when his then girlfriend came in to use the toilet and needed a poo and he got aroused by it.  Again I grant you this was a good point to stop the conversation there and then but I questioned him further and asked if he had experimented with girlfriends and what exactly it entailed.

Scat man explained that essentially he likes anything poo related, watching girls go for a poo, farting, the act of trying to go for a poo (straining I assume he means) or even smearing poo on their arse cheeks following a poo etc. He had tried a few things with an ex girlfriend such as him laying in a bath and her shitting on his chest.

I also asked him what his favourite type of poo was as he explained there are many many different poo’s!  The things you learn hey, I always assumed a poo was a poo.  But, what do I know.  His favourite is a hangover poo. Apparently because it is sticky and smelly 😐

IMG_3520Scat man was obviously at this point I assume extremely pleased if not a little turned on at the thought of me asking so many questions about something that I assume most girls run a million miles from and asked if I would like to learn about all things scat and become his scat student,  He started to call me ‘Miss’ and said I could call him ‘Sir’ He explained that it would be a long process or teaching me and we would startslow but that was willing to teach me if I wanted to learn.

I am not desperate and I have a terrible gag reflex and as fit as scat man may be I just don’t think this is something I could get into.  I explained to my nan about scat man and she said she wasn’t surprised that everyone has something a little weird that they are into nowadays.  Scat man did a few times send me videos of him shitting (Which I did not watch)  and I do get messages every now and again asking me if I need a poo (or as the pictures show a smiley poo!) with the occasionally Hi! if I am lucky.

I am by no means mocking scat man as everyone has something about them that others do not like or a fetish that others may find strange.  I guess I was curious to work out why he would like that but at no point did I laugh at him when talking to him about it.

But I think it is step to far for me in this particular case to take this anything further as I am not very good with gross things such as poo or even saliva in the street!  But as my nan said ‘Each to their own’ and I do hope Sir finds his Miss soon.


Brighton Dating Girl x