I’m Back! Love me Tinder!

IMG_3646Forgive my absence.  I have since writing my last blog been trying to find different ways to meet guys.  As you may recall I cancelled my POF profile and was going to try out a few new ways.

I haven’t as of yet tried speed dating although I have agreed to try this with a mate in Clapham (She will not do it in Brighton as she thinks there will be a better calibre of men in Clapham) She reads my blog so I can see she may well have a point!

I haven’t yet smiled or said hello to a cute guy in the street.  I have seen a few and there is one in particular I like and see quite regular who works in the building opposite me but when I see him I actually resemble my 13 year old self in the playground at school when seeing a crush.  I keep going all giggly and shy and I actually cannot even look at him.  It is pathetic I know!  But I am sure I will get there eventually.  After all I know he is single and his name and age from a new app I have joined called Tinder.

I joined Tinder as it was recommended to me.  It essentially links to your facebook profile, it pulls through your profile pics, friends in common, and interests.  It is a little shallow as you basically swipe left for nope and swipe right for interested.  You can only then message each other when both parties have swiped right.  I have been on it for 3 weeks and have 84 matches as of this morning.  I have taken the bull by the horns with most of them and sent the 1st message to at least 75 of them! It’s a lot I know but even though you might have both swiped right it does not guarantee a response!  I have probably had conversations with about 15 of them and I have so far met up with just 2 but it is early days.

I have definitely got a type all 84 have dark hair and have facial hair of some description.

Meeting number 1 was with a guy who I have had 3 dates with now ‘Dev’ seemed very nice and sweet in our conversations and I was actually quite nervous when going to meet him however he was 25 minutes late for the date and although he did call to let me know I was freezing waiting outside the venue whilst he was delayed but warm whilst driving in his car.  The date was good although ‘Dev’ was exteremely nervous and as he wasnt drinking his nerves did seem to continue throughout the date.  However, there were no sliences and I agreed that I would like to see him again and I have since seen him twice more but if I am honest I do not think there will be a 4th.  As much as he is a sweet and lovely guy he is a good inch shorter than me and also quite skinny.  This is perhaps the swallow part of me coming out but I like a man to be a man and I fear I would have to protect him should there ever be any trouble whilst we were out.  He also does not drink and as much as that is his choice – I think I would worry when out that he was bored whilst I would be drinking and how does a romantic meal for 2 with a bottle of wine work when I’m the only one drinking!  Never say never but think I need to be more ruthless when dating these guys and cut my losses sooner rather than later.

Now meeting 2 – What can I say? hmmmmmm I have never in any of my blogs written about any sexual encounters I may have had since dating.  Mainly because I am a little picky and also it’s private.  I won’t go into details but meeting 2 ‘Winnie’ is probably by far one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen.  He is mix between Tom Hardy and Danny Dyer (Ideal combination for me) To be honest when I swiped right with him I was never expecting to get a match never mind actually meeting him. It was quite obvious from our exchanges that this was not going to be a long term thing but there was  something about him that literally was making me act all girlie although my mate referred to him as a ‘clit tease’ he sent me some pictures of himself where he was obviously ‘making love’ to the camera.  Hard to describe but it obviously worked cause we spoke for a few days before arranging to to meet up.

I have to say apart from the obvious and the reason we met of course (Still no details will be given) I have not laughed that much in a long time than in the 4-5 hours I was with him.  He talked a lot about his life and what he wanted to do but was so easy to talk too, he has some brilliant stories and a really good mince and gay voice which did have me in stiches for a lot of the time.  The reason for the ‘Winnie’ alias is that he was telling me about a chat up line he has invented centred around Winnie the Pooh.

I am under no illusion that I was probably girl number 7 for that week alone but everyone has there needs I guess and he was definitely worth i t.  We have stayed in contact but whether or not there will be a repeat I am not sure but I think I will stay in contact because he really was funny and would be great to have a beer with if only to see him try and use his Winnie the Pooh chat up line on some girls.

Tinder has been an experience so far but a good one and better so far that POF for sure.  I am not sure I like the shallow part but I guess you need the attraction so its a good place to start.  At least you have to have a mutual like in order to chat so you avoid the messages from those that are not your type and there are no “thanks but no thanks” messages required.

I will endeavour over the next few weeks to speak to the hot guy from the office over the way.  Even if its just a Hi! I have a few potential dates on the cards from others on Tinder so I think it will be an interesting few weeks ahead.

Ciao for now.


Brighton Dating Girl x

My Year of Dating

IMG_4017[1]Thought I would try to sum up this year of my dating experiences to coincide with me also deleting my dating profile on POF. It’s been an experience that is for sure and looking back on it I am not sure there is a lot of good stuff. To be honest thinking about it all I am surprised I am still here to tell the tale and with my personality and confidence still intact. I have certainly chatted to and met some characters including some pure freaks in all honesty.

Still they say dating is never easy but my lord that is an understatement. Don’t get me wrong I have met a couple of nice guys but at the end of the day we all know my thoughts on nice guys. They are generally either too good to be true or just a bit too boring. Some contacts have been entertaining but others are seriously deluded in more ways than one.

When I think about the worse dates or experiences of this year I think without a doubt the award would go to ‘Horror Date’ aka ‘Mexico’ and ‘Catfish’ Although at least with the Catfish saga I have made a friend with the real bloke involved. With ‘Horror Date’ I can safely say this will always be a fear and does still to this day have a heavy influence on my dates and their location.

So for good dates I would say ‘Hammer’ and ‘Liar Liar’ take the award. Even though I am no longer dating either in terms of the best dates and getting on well with someone these 2 for me will be my highlights. I can only hope I can experience more dates of this nature in the future.

In terms of entertainment ‘Scat Man’ has definitely provided that even in sad times his fetish has certainly been a topic of conversation across my friends and family and made us all smile and laugh in one way or another.

Given that I have today cancelled my POF profile does not mean the end of Brighton Dating Girl I am just going to explore different avenues. Work, going out to different places, maybe even dare I say it speed dating! Or maybe just leave it to chance!

Might even put myself out on a limb and say hi to a cute guy I see in the street – after all a relationship cannot start without a greeting right?

Have a fabulous new year and I wish you all the luck, happiness and health in 2014. Here’s to more good dating tales.


Brighton Dating Girl x

And so it begins

And so it begins…..Found myself single in my 30’s after being married to someone that all my friends detested and my family tolerated but infact he turned out to prove them all right by cheating on me at a time when infact I needed him the most.  Such is life and you live and learn as they say.  Or do you?

As you read my blog you will find that I have a type “Dark hair” and a bit of a “Bad boy” yes I know why do us girls do it? Answer is I have no idea!  We all know “Bad boys” are just that and you can’t change them as much as you think you can.  Part of me thinks it’s because at least I guess you know what you are getting.  But through my new found confidence which I will explain how this came about I am trying not to go for my usual type.  Well “Dark hair” is still a must on my check list but the “Bad boy” is the one I am trying to change.  It cannot be that hard to surely find someone decent??

So my blog begins in September 2012 at this point I had been single for 6 months and fair to say had pretty much zero confidence.   It was time for a boost and therefore a good girlie night out which translates into getting Brighton Dating Girl to tash on (Kiss for those that do not watch Geordie Shore) The scene of the attempt Oceana in Brighton’s West Street.  Oceana for those of you that have never had the delight is described as the world in one night – Basically various different themed rooms.  I won’t bore you with the details but it’s a marmite place you either love it or hate it.  I fall firmly in the love it camp.

Anyhow I digress, my friends are on a mission to prove I am attractive and can get a kiss from a good looking bloke and give me the much required boost.  Mainly because I think when you in a relationship that isn’t working you do lose a bit of yourself and are not actually yourself anymore.  You don’t see this yourself but your friends and family do and they all wanted the old confident Brighton Dating Girl back.

After a few hours my friends have located a guy that firmly falls into the “Dark hair” type dancing in the disco room .  We will just call him ‘Essex’ mainly because he was from Essex and looked like a typical Essex lad.  Anyhow given that Brighton Dating Girl has by now sunk a few fat frogs (Blue WKD, Smirnoff Ice & Orange VK in a pint glass) I have a little bit of confidence to go and join my friends and the cute Essex lad.  ‘Essex’ does indeed tick the boxes.  These boxes for me are basically dark hair, cute, funny and good looking (I understand good looking is different to everyone but to me I guess my ideal man in terms of looks and the boxes is someone like Ryan Reynolds or Matt Jarvis)  and although a little younger than me (yes I guess I did fall into the cougar category) After a little bit of dancing not quite dirty dancing style but a bit of ‘Love Shack’ and ‘Five’ I do infact get a kiss from ‘Essex’ infact me and ‘Essex’ end up exchanging numbers and seeing each other a few times over a 3 month period.  ‘Essex’ was indeed just what I needed at that point in my life.  Taking me for dinner, holding the door open for me, speaking to me everyday and treating me like a princess.  That’s what all girls want I guess a little romance in their life.  ‘Essex’ is the the reason for my confidence now and the reason I decided to start internet dating  as although he was a few years younger than me I can hand on heart say that the guy was an absolute gentleman.  It ended because he did at the end of the day live in Essex and was younger and we were at different points in our life.  But we stayed friends and I was always be grateful for the confidence he gave me but also the reason I decided “Bad boys” were no longer the way forward and that good guys do exist you just have to look a little harder.


Brighton Dating Girl x