And so it begins

And so it begins…..Found myself single in my 30’s after being married to someone that all my friends detested and my family tolerated but infact he turned out to prove them all right by cheating on me at a time when infact I needed him the most.  Such is life and you live and learn as they say.  Or do you?

As you read my blog you will find that I have a type “Dark hair” and a bit of a “Bad boy” yes I know why do us girls do it? Answer is I have no idea!  We all know “Bad boys” are just that and you can’t change them as much as you think you can.  Part of me thinks it’s because at least I guess you know what you are getting.  But through my new found confidence which I will explain how this came about I am trying not to go for my usual type.  Well “Dark hair” is still a must on my check list but the “Bad boy” is the one I am trying to change.  It cannot be that hard to surely find someone decent??

So my blog begins in September 2012 at this point I had been single for 6 months and fair to say had pretty much zero confidence.   It was time for a boost and therefore a good girlie night out which translates into getting Brighton Dating Girl to tash on (Kiss for those that do not watch Geordie Shore) The scene of the attempt Oceana in Brighton’s West Street.  Oceana for those of you that have never had the delight is described as the world in one night – Basically various different themed rooms.  I won’t bore you with the details but it’s a marmite place you either love it or hate it.  I fall firmly in the love it camp.

Anyhow I digress, my friends are on a mission to prove I am attractive and can get a kiss from a good looking bloke and give me the much required boost.  Mainly because I think when you in a relationship that isn’t working you do lose a bit of yourself and are not actually yourself anymore.  You don’t see this yourself but your friends and family do and they all wanted the old confident Brighton Dating Girl back.

After a few hours my friends have located a guy that firmly falls into the “Dark hair” type dancing in the disco room .  We will just call him ‘Essex’ mainly because he was from Essex and looked like a typical Essex lad.  Anyhow given that Brighton Dating Girl has by now sunk a few fat frogs (Blue WKD, Smirnoff Ice & Orange VK in a pint glass) I have a little bit of confidence to go and join my friends and the cute Essex lad.  ‘Essex’ does indeed tick the boxes.  These boxes for me are basically dark hair, cute, funny and good looking (I understand good looking is different to everyone but to me I guess my ideal man in terms of looks and the boxes is someone like Ryan Reynolds or Matt Jarvis)  and although a little younger than me (yes I guess I did fall into the cougar category) After a little bit of dancing not quite dirty dancing style but a bit of ‘Love Shack’ and ‘Five’ I do infact get a kiss from ‘Essex’ infact me and ‘Essex’ end up exchanging numbers and seeing each other a few times over a 3 month period.  ‘Essex’ was indeed just what I needed at that point in my life.  Taking me for dinner, holding the door open for me, speaking to me everyday and treating me like a princess.  That’s what all girls want I guess a little romance in their life.  ‘Essex’ is the the reason for my confidence now and the reason I decided to start internet dating  as although he was a few years younger than me I can hand on heart say that the guy was an absolute gentleman.  It ended because he did at the end of the day live in Essex and was younger and we were at different points in our life.  But we stayed friends and I was always be grateful for the confidence he gave me but also the reason I decided “Bad boys” were no longer the way forward and that good guys do exist you just have to look a little harder.


Brighton Dating Girl x




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