Horror Date

So this blog has probably been the hardest one for me to write.  But feel I should share it even if it does still make me feel a little sick inside.

So I have had 2 encounters that I would class as horrors.  The first of these took place in May.  The guy “Mexico” seemed again to be normal whatever that is nowadays.  We had been talking for about a week on POF and on the phone and had arranged a date for a Saturday night in Brighton, meeting at the Sussex Pub.  He told me to dress up as would be going to some nice places.  So I did and waited outside the pub at 9pm only for him to turn up in jeans and a baggy scruffy polo shirt.  Not the best first impression and it really didn’t get any better.

Instantly feeling over-dressed I decided this was a one drink and leave date.  He had also lied on his profile and revealed he was infact 39 and not 35 as his profile stated.  He also only really lived in the UK about 3 months of the year on and off as was mainly based in Cancun, Mexico.  He was what I would describe as a know it all one of those that regardless of what you have done he has done it ten times better and owns many t-shirts (bloody scruffy baggy ones at that).  It really does not make for great conversation when people are better at everything than you or so they think.

Anyway after my small glass of wine which I realised I had drank probably a bit to quick I tried to make my excuses and leave this somehow turned into just have another small one before you go!

This my friends is as much then of the date that I can remember.  I woke up the next day in bed at 1pm with no recollection of the previous nights events.  I checked my phone to see if there were any clues on there apart from a few missed calls from Mexico at 3.30am it appeared that I hadn’t texted or called anyone.  I texted a few people to see if I had contacted anyone the previous night trying to piece together what had happened.  I had texted a male friend to say I was on the date from hell and my date had slapped me!  But other than that it would appear no contact had been made with anyone else.

I cannot really tell you much else other than I tried to get details out Mexico who obviously thought I was joking that I could not remember and tried to wind me up by saying we had been to a strip club amongst other things.  Once he realised I was not joking he then switched to say he hoped he didnt think he had drugged me.  Given that I have never blacked out before or been in a situation where i have not been able to remember details or the fact that I do not remember anything after drink number 2 I think that I probably was drugged.  I do occassionally have flashbacks as I did after writing this.

It’s one of those things that you think will never happen to you but it can happen to anyone I guess woman or men.

I will never know the full details of that night or what happened to me.  I got checked out to make sure I was ok which thankfully I was but this will always for me be a horror date and one that leaves me extremely cautious for any future dates.

For dates now I try to suggest things like a walk on the pier or something that generally doesnt involve alcohol.

Take care all.


Brighton Dating Girl x










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