Took a chance recently and started to go on dates and start dating a nice guy. Very nice and pleasant if not a tad dull but was training to be a pilot and therefore had an exciting hobby.

First date seemed to go well and we quickly organised a 2nd, 3rd date. If fact in total we had 10 dates!!

However as I learnt more and more about ‘OCD’ I realised we were not at all compatible.

I love sport, he did not like any sport at all.

I love going out to restaurants and sampling the restaurants in Brighton. he has eaten in one restaurant only and none in Brighton.

I love to party and have a drink, it took him 2 and half hours to drink one beer.

I like to eat chips in the street or on the beach or have a kebab, he won’t do this as the air in Brighton is too dirty.

I love visiting London and doing different things like the Zoo, he hates London and hasn’t been since 2006.

I like to be spontaneous and wake up and think I’d like to go out today and go to London or do a little day trip, he has never done this and liked to have everything planned.

As you can see its quite a list of difference’s and these were the ones that sealed the deal for me.

As we had been on a few dates he had come round for dinner one night at mine and asked me if I wanted to go for a lay down! Now I know this may appear sweet but it hardly made me go weak at the knees and think yes in fact it just made me think actually I am quite tired and could do with a sleep.

I was honest with him and told him I thought as much as he was a nice guy we were just too different. I gave it a good chance but sometimes in dating you just have to accept that it’s not going to work and you need to move on.

I do still want to date a nice guy but one with a few more common interests with me would be a good start.


Brighton Dating Girl x

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