Plenty of Freaks

So ‘Plenty of Fish’ or POF as it’s known is called ‘Plenty of Freaks’ and it has the name for a good reason.  As the site is free is is probably fair to say that this site is harder work than others as only 1 in 100 blokes and I hear woman too from my male friends that use it are what I would call normal.

It is possibly also encouraged as there are 2 options in the what you are looking for category.  One is not single/not looking(Yes I don’t understand that either, why is that even an option on a dating website?) and one is casual/no commitment.  As a result you receive a lot of messages offering one night hookups or married men looking for a release or an escape as they put it.

The first messages you receive from people really do vary.  Some of the ones I have received are as follows:

“I’m really good at massages, fancy one here’s my number xxxx”

“Hi sexy, You have a sexy smile and nice nails, fancy a chat?”

“Hi, Do you have nice feet, cause their is nothing I like more that a girl with nice feet that will let me lick them clean after a hard day at work” (Yes really – Not the worse one I have had either!!)

“Hi” (I did reply Hi) to which I then got  message saying i’m surprised to hear back from you considering I have scat on my profile (I had to look it up too) I will save you the trouble as you probably won’t want it on your internet history.  It’s essentially anything poo related! He did ask if I wanted to be his scat student so he could teach me about all things scat!

IMG_2872Don’t get me wrong I have had some really nice first messages and have struck up coversations with a few people but that is once again where the fun/trauma begins for me.  Mr Germany was a firm favourite for me as we seemed to get on well, shared a lots of interests and no weird first messages.

Mr Germany seemed like a decent enough guy.  We had been chatting for a few weeks and were trying to arrange our first date when he contacted me to say his work had asked him to go and work in Germany for 3 months.  He said the timing was rubbish as we were getting on really well but I told him to go for it and it was only 3 months.  We agreed to stay in contact and would try to meet up in Brighton before he went and on a weekend visit home and then maybe I could go and see him in Germany.  He had to leave pretty much straight away so we did not get to meet up but continued to stay in contact via phone and text.  Then after his first full week away I got a text on the Saturday morning saying “I can’t be a 100% certain but I think I might have knobbed a German bird last night lol” Well guess what I didn’t laugh out loud.  My reply was “How nice for you, thanks for sharing”  I would love to tell you what he was thinking when he sent me this meesage but I can’t, maybe he thought I can’t do this 3 months is too long so I’ll annoy her to put her off but I really don’t know to be honest.

Now Mr Germany is also the guy that sent me the picture of his manhood against a sky remote as mentioned in my previous blog.  It was described as material to keep me going until his return to the UK!   Naive of me as Mr Germany seemed normal to start with but actually turned out to be knob that obviously had a bit of a thing for ‘knobbing’ birds  I do occasionally hear from him. He is still in Germany and hasn’t been back to Brighton.  He is thinking of staying in Germany so don’t worry girls there will be no “knobbing” happening with Mr Germany.

Next time I will tell you about my worse online dating horror.


Brighton Dating Girl x






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