Mixed Bag

I’m back……Sorry I have been a little distant I have been a little poorly and had to have an operation but I am back and wanted to update you all on some of my recent happenings and post a few blogs to try and catch up!

So in the few weeks I have been off work a few things have happened.  Scat man made a brief reappearance.  Telling me he had been a ‘bad boy’ and needed Miss (me) to punish him! High on my drugs after my operation and with a little encouragement from my sister who was looking after me I decided to play along and essentially joined in with his little fantasy of a scat role playing over text.  All I can say is this guy really loves his scat! Oh my I don’t think it is something I will ever ever be trying.  Each to their own but definitely not one for me and my gag reflexs 🙂

Also had a message from ‘Hammer’ Now Hammer was someone that contacted me when I was at a cricket game with my friends back at the end of June.  He was very funny and making me and my friends laugh with his sense of humour.  We organised a date after a few weeks of talking but he stood me up!  I never heard from him again until a few weeks ago.  He apologised for his behaviour and explained that he had been involved in an accident in his work van and although it was no excuse for not contacting me he asked for a second chance.  I have decided to give him a chance and we are going out next weekend! I do have high hopes for him as he is extemely funny and makes me laugh and supports West Ham which is my team so we have lots we talk about.  I will keep you posted on progress with Hammer.

I did also go on a date with a guy who I cannot think of what to call him at the moment but had what I though was quite a good first date.  We went for a walk on Hove seafront and then went to Woodies diner for a sandwich as was a daytime date.  Had loads to talk about and no awkward sliences.  After our lunch walked back along the seafront and sat on the wall just chatting and he seemed to be quite open in the things we were discussing.  The date was really easy going and had a really good time and agreed to go on a second date a few days later in the evening so could have a few drinks.  The day after the date ‘Hollywood’ (Liked movies and I am struggling for an alias for this one) texted me to say he didn’t think a second date was a good idea.  When I asked him why he said is was because he didn’t think I was dirty enough (in the bedroom) for him as I seemed too sweet on our date. hahahaha poor boy.  As if on a first date you are going to talk about that sort of stuff.  He said he wanted to stay friends and we have and I do see him occasionally for dinner and to watch a movie.  Bless him for making snap decisions based on a first date about a girl and what she is like in the bedroom.  Think he maybe regrets the decision now who knows.  Now we are friends and we have chatted about stuff maybe he will realise you should not judge a girl and what she is like in bed from a first date!!

Love Brighton dating girl x











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