The past year of Dating (featuring cupboards, crying and dirty knickers)


imagesThe last year or so has been an interesting one buy hey they all are when it comes to dating.

Seriously though I’ve always thought i’m an okay catch, I mean yes I know i’m no Kardashian but I have a good job, own my own property, can cook and love sport but this means nothing in dating.  I never thought I would be single for this long and have often wondered if it’s because I am too picky but I think it’s because online dating is hard.  You may think you connect with someone after chatting and texting but then when you come to meet them they can infact be totally different in person as speaking online does infact allow a person to be exactly what they are not IRL (In real life)

The year has been filled with the weird and not so wonderful, but where do I start hmmmmm……..

Let’s start with ‘cupboard man‘ This one is beyond weird but in a way I kind of feel for him and what he feels he requires sexually.  He started talking to me on twitter, we got on well, seemed to have a few things in common but then the freakishness started.  After meeting him he then told me he was in an open relationship or at least in his head he was as I’m pretty sure his girlfriend had no idea they were in one.  Once I said I wasn’t interested he would still occasionally message me telling me about the sorts of things he had going through his head.  I will stick to the 2 most memorably things he told me.

  1. He asked what I thought about him being used for a week and me locking him in a cupboard whilst I went out to work and couldn’t let him out until I got home.  Me being practical pointed out he had a girlfriend and how exactly would he explain his disappearance.  I would have mentioned the fact that I don’t actually have a lockable cupboard at home but they would have given him hope that I was considering it haha.  He simply replied he would tell her he was going away on business.  Oh silly me!  Surely in an open relationship he could just tell his girlfriend what he was up to.  I declined the kind offer.
  2. Craigslist – Now I had never heard of this list until he explained it was like a wanted ads.  Founded I believe in the states but don’t quote me on that.  He had been searching on Craigslist and come across a couple that wanted another couple to go and watch them have sex in a hotel room in Brighton.  Again I declined and suggested perhaps he ask his girlfriend.  Then the shocker he said he was going to meet a guy in a local park to his house to pleasure him in the toilet.  Seriously I am all up for people exploring things sexually but he was basically going to meet a guy who would pay him £50 to pleasure him in the toilets of a local park.  He wanted to feel used apparently.  I mean seriously do people really do this?!?

I don’t have any contact with him at all surprisingly.

Then we have ‘Crying man‘ now what can I say about this.  Another online treat, having spoken for sometime we finally meet up for a few drinks he seemed like the person I had been talking too which is always a good start if not a little shorter, slight in statue and also feminine than I like my men to be.  Anyway skipping ahead to quite a while later.  I had dinner and drinks round his one night, one or two bottles of wine lead to other things and then he cried.  Yes that’s right full on cried.  Now at this point I am reminded of a quote on his profile stating “I am a pussy and cry at anything” but seriously he cried at the point of ejaculation people!!!  I had no idea what to do I asked why he was crying whilst trying badly not to laugh, I don’t know if the laughter was a shock thing or just a get yourself out of here nervous laughter but he hadn’t pre-warned me or maybe he had with the profile statement hmmmm.  He tried to brush it off but all I could think about was why the hell was he crying.  Was he a virgin and I was his first?! or maybe he was gay and I was his first girl?! My mind was seriously going into overdrive.  He cried.  Maybe it was a release thing I’m really not sure or maybe his profile statement was a disclaimer.  Maybe he should re-word it slightly to warn any future  potential gf’s something along the lines of “**Warning** – Have been known to cry at the point of ejaculation, please do not be alarmed I am just a pussy and I cry at anything.  Please do not feel uncomfortable or laugh it’s just who I am” Like you get the disclaimers on profiles with guys or girls with children or Vegan’s who promise not to try to make you a Vegan cause you are dating them.

In my next blog I will tell you about a close encounter of the dirty knicker kind.  One not to be sniffed at 🙂

Happy Dating


Brighton Dating Girl xx


What should I try next?

I am still here and still dating but have been struggling a little with blog inspiration.  Not too sure why as I have some interesting ones to say the least but thinking that maybe it’s because I have reached the point where I am bored with POF and Tinder.  Or maybe it’s just that I am bored with dating in generally at this moment in time as it seems like it’s just the same old story and the same faces.

But……….Here’s the update on recent events.

“Let’s be friends?

Starting talking to a guy on POF and seemed to click immediately. Had so much in common and chatted for ages about sport (football mainly) but agreed pretty quickly to go on a date with him.  He had some tickets for a food festival locally and asked me to go with him.  Thought it was a brilliant idea for a date so agreed instantly.  This was on the Sunday but continued texting and actually ended up seeing him on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Sunday date.

The weekend seemed to go well but there was a potential spanner in the works.  It appeared that he might have dated my brother’s ex and for me it felt a little weird be like kissing my brother if that makes sense.  He assured me they had not dated on the Friday when I first met him.  But this turned out to be untrue.  After the date on Sunday when he got home he texted me to say he had to come clean as he was feeling guilty for lying and he had infact dated her.  That wasn’t the end of it though as he then confessed that he had an issue with my age. He is nearly 30 and I am 38 so hardly a million years and I had checked with him as soon as we started talking if age was an issue and was assured it wasn’t! Meh! The long and the short of it is I have made another friend.  We have been out since as mates and chat regular and compare notes on dates.  Nothing much else to add on that one really.

“How about a Threesome?”

POF strikes again on this one.  Started chatting to a guy who was into his martial arts so we can call him ‘Martial’ he seemed nice but maybe a little out of practice with chatting to girls.  Started off giving him advice on his profile as he was saying that girls just don’t reply to his messages! Doh! I don’t know why I help them like that I am just too nice considering I should not be helping them be more appealing to other girls when they are talking to me.

Anyhow I digrest.  He kept suggesting he was shy so I agreed to meet him for 10 minutes on his drive home from training.  We meet and he didn’t seem that shy as talked for the 10 minutes and he was asking questions but went along with it.  After we had met he said that although we had met he was still shy.  He explained that he put the shyness down the fact that his ex had cheated on him.

He said he had come up with an idea to help him with the shyness.  The idea was “How about a threesome with me and my mate?” PARDON???? His theory was that he knew him and would feel comfortable doing this! He sent me a picture of his friend (he looked like the guy of off despicable me) Not that I was considering it but I have type and I am very picky on who I let ‘taste the rainbow’ so to speak.  Anyhow his other plan to warm me to the idea was to set up a whats app chat between me, him and his mate entitled sun and fun 🙁 ‘Martial’ then sent a picture to the group of his wiily to which his friend responded with one of his.  The mate then asked “I hope you like what you see?” I responded at this point by saying “erm ‘Martial’ your mate wants to know if you like his willy pic?” then I left the group.

He does’t mention it anymore and when I said to him I was picky and as much as I like to try new things I do not believe his suggestion is a way to get over someone’s shyness!  Even if I was up for it I would at least pick 2 guys I liked and his friend was not in that category to which he replied with “you wouldnt have to look at him he could just be behind you”

Seriously do girl’s actually go for this?

Other than those 2 I have been on one other date ‘Vampire’ All I can say about this one is What the Hell?!  Had a date and at the end of it he bit my neck really hard! I yelped and said fucking hell.  He replied with “Are you not used to that?” erm no, who bites someone that hard on their neck on a date let alone ever to be honest?  It hurt for 3 days after.  He has asked since if I wanted to go for dinner but I have declined.

These are the main reason for my despondant attitude to dating at the moment and the temptation to just delete POF and Tinder for good and leave it up to fate to deliver my prince charming when I least expect it.

Maybe I am too picky but I am determinded not to just settle for someone.  I want the butterflies and the uncontrollable heartbeat when I see them and to find someone I connect with and have things in common with.  I didn’t used to think this was too much to ask for but maybe it is? Suggestions on other ways to meet guys are welcome, what should I try next?

Love Brighton Dating Girl x






All these Fairy Tales are full of Shit….

FairytalesAs you go through the dating game (and yes I am afraid it really is a game) you come to realise that you really do have unrealistic expectations.  I thought maybe it was just me but it appears not.  I wonder why this could be and I have a theory……..

As a little girl you are hypnotised if not brainwashed by Disney fairy tales and the prospect that one day your chiselled prince will come along on a white horse and whisk you off your feet and make you fall so deeply in love with him.  He does this by being totalling amazing of course and looking at you like no one else will have before and supposedly never will again.  He does all the gentlemanly things like ask your fathers permission and brings you flowers and in the case of beauty and beast gets you to fall in love with his beautiful kind personality before turning into a beautiful chiselled prince.  Then they all have the glorious weddings with so many people and no expenses spared and live happily ever after!!

It doesn’t end with Disney.  Some of films we watch as adults are the same.  Whether it’s Serendipity that makes you believe there is one person for everyone and things are all about fate or Dirty Dancing where a girl can tame a bad boy or The Notebook where class and money cannot beat the love 2 people have for each other.

When looking for love the best thing you can do is put these stories out of your mind.

The reality is that prince charming does not exist for everyone.  Of all the people I know in my life there is only 1 couple I know that look at each other the way they do in the movies.  They did it recently whilst at a funeral and my mum said to me “look at the way he looks at her, it’s like the first time they saw each other, you can tell they love each other so much” watching them you could see what she meant and she was right.

In reality I think you have to be extremely lucky to find someone on your level let alone your prince charming.

Taking the movies one by one here’s my experience of how it actually goes down.

Serendipity – A chance meeting over a pair of gloves at Christmas leads to 2 people sharing a coffee at a café and deciding to sign 2 different objects with their telephone numbers to things to see if fate will bring them back together so they can meet again.  They both cannot forget about each other and spends years searching to find each other again, until they eventually do.

Ok, well the reality is that blokes would never spend years looking for a girl they shared a coffee with but didn’t actually sleep with they would give up after a day as let’s face it its way too much effort.  I wish I could believe in fate and everything happens for a reason and maybe it really does but I think I am yet to be convinced.

Dirty Dancing – We all know the story here but essentially the bit I will focus on is this girl’s ability to get a guy who regularly sleeps with lots of women to change his ways and to fall in love with her just because she is nice person.

Ok, well the reality is that leopards do not change their spots.  If a guy is a player and a ladies man then you cannot tame him.  You are no different from anyone else and unless you have super powers it’s not going to happen.  The actual reality in dirty dancing in terms of not be able to tame a bad boy is ‘Robbie’

The Notebook – The story of 2 people falling in love regardless of their background and status.  In a way a little similar to Cinderella, Titanic and even Shrek.

The reality is that it does matter because someone will always disagree and make your relationship impossible to happen.  Everyone always has an opinion on you and your relationship.  Years apart do not mean you will find each other again and you can’t just run away together and hide in a bog like they do in Shrek.

Music can also fill your head with idealistic love.  There are very few people in this world that would probably catch a grenade for anyone, rule the world with you, cry you a river, write you love letters starting Dear Darlin’, say “I will wait for you”, or say “I love the way you lie”.

The reality of how dating and love really happens in this day and age is one of endless requests for pictures and ‘sexting’.  Gone are the days of wooing a girl with flowers, impressive dates or asking a girl’s father for permission.

This is not to say that I have given up on the prospect that one day I will meet my modern day version of prince charming. I think I am just more realistic that no one is perfect and everyone messes up and you will get hurt.  Most of all I have accepted that Tom Hardy or anyone else for that matter is not very likely to just turn up at my work in a uniform and pick me up and carry me out the building.

Everyone’s advice currently is maybe I am looking too hard.  I am not sure if that is possible to do but as work takes up a lot of your life and gone are the days where you could go out and meet someone at your local pub or through friends.  I not sure us single folk have much of a choice but to look for love.

I also get told a lot that I should enjoy the time alone.  No offence but this generally comes from people in a relationship.  It is coming up to 2 years next month that I have been single and as much as I have enjoyed it I miss the little things the most.  Things like cuddling up on the sofa watching a movie, going out for dinner, having someone to talk to about the silly little things that happen at work or just having someone there really to do spontaneous days out with.

I am not giving up on romance or finding love but having got to the point where I am thinking ‘All these fairy tales are full of shit, one more fucking love song I’ll be sick’ Is my favourite line in a song something has to change!!

I am hopeful that my modern day prince is out there somewhere and that he is currently doing a very good job of hiding.  They do say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince but bloody hell.  I think I have had frogs, toads, dragons, newts and even a beetle (Not a dung beetle though – sorry scatman).

When I do find him I truly hope that he proves all of the above wrong and that my theory is one based purely on the fact that this dating game is not half the fun I thought it would be.  Don’t ever wish yourself to be single.

Love Brighton Dating Girl x

I’m Back! Love me Tinder!

IMG_3646Forgive my absence.  I have since writing my last blog been trying to find different ways to meet guys.  As you may recall I cancelled my POF profile and was going to try out a few new ways.

I haven’t as of yet tried speed dating although I have agreed to try this with a mate in Clapham (She will not do it in Brighton as she thinks there will be a better calibre of men in Clapham) She reads my blog so I can see she may well have a point!

I haven’t yet smiled or said hello to a cute guy in the street.  I have seen a few and there is one in particular I like and see quite regular who works in the building opposite me but when I see him I actually resemble my 13 year old self in the playground at school when seeing a crush.  I keep going all giggly and shy and I actually cannot even look at him.  It is pathetic I know!  But I am sure I will get there eventually.  After all I know he is single and his name and age from a new app I have joined called Tinder.

I joined Tinder as it was recommended to me.  It essentially links to your facebook profile, it pulls through your profile pics, friends in common, and interests.  It is a little shallow as you basically swipe left for nope and swipe right for interested.  You can only then message each other when both parties have swiped right.  I have been on it for 3 weeks and have 84 matches as of this morning.  I have taken the bull by the horns with most of them and sent the 1st message to at least 75 of them! It’s a lot I know but even though you might have both swiped right it does not guarantee a response!  I have probably had conversations with about 15 of them and I have so far met up with just 2 but it is early days.

I have definitely got a type all 84 have dark hair and have facial hair of some description.

Meeting number 1 was with a guy who I have had 3 dates with now ‘Dev’ seemed very nice and sweet in our conversations and I was actually quite nervous when going to meet him however he was 25 minutes late for the date and although he did call to let me know I was freezing waiting outside the venue whilst he was delayed but warm whilst driving in his car.  The date was good although ‘Dev’ was exteremely nervous and as he wasnt drinking his nerves did seem to continue throughout the date.  However, there were no sliences and I agreed that I would like to see him again and I have since seen him twice more but if I am honest I do not think there will be a 4th.  As much as he is a sweet and lovely guy he is a good inch shorter than me and also quite skinny.  This is perhaps the swallow part of me coming out but I like a man to be a man and I fear I would have to protect him should there ever be any trouble whilst we were out.  He also does not drink and as much as that is his choice – I think I would worry when out that he was bored whilst I would be drinking and how does a romantic meal for 2 with a bottle of wine work when I’m the only one drinking!  Never say never but think I need to be more ruthless when dating these guys and cut my losses sooner rather than later.

Now meeting 2 – What can I say? hmmmmmm I have never in any of my blogs written about any sexual encounters I may have had since dating.  Mainly because I am a little picky and also it’s private.  I won’t go into details but meeting 2 ‘Winnie’ is probably by far one of the most attractive guys I have ever seen.  He is mix between Tom Hardy and Danny Dyer (Ideal combination for me) To be honest when I swiped right with him I was never expecting to get a match never mind actually meeting him. It was quite obvious from our exchanges that this was not going to be a long term thing but there was  something about him that literally was making me act all girlie although my mate referred to him as a ‘clit tease’ he sent me some pictures of himself where he was obviously ‘making love’ to the camera.  Hard to describe but it obviously worked cause we spoke for a few days before arranging to to meet up.

I have to say apart from the obvious and the reason we met of course (Still no details will be given) I have not laughed that much in a long time than in the 4-5 hours I was with him.  He talked a lot about his life and what he wanted to do but was so easy to talk too, he has some brilliant stories and a really good mince and gay voice which did have me in stiches for a lot of the time.  The reason for the ‘Winnie’ alias is that he was telling me about a chat up line he has invented centred around Winnie the Pooh.

I am under no illusion that I was probably girl number 7 for that week alone but everyone has there needs I guess and he was definitely worth i t.  We have stayed in contact but whether or not there will be a repeat I am not sure but I think I will stay in contact because he really was funny and would be great to have a beer with if only to see him try and use his Winnie the Pooh chat up line on some girls.

Tinder has been an experience so far but a good one and better so far that POF for sure.  I am not sure I like the shallow part but I guess you need the attraction so its a good place to start.  At least you have to have a mutual like in order to chat so you avoid the messages from those that are not your type and there are no “thanks but no thanks” messages required.

I will endeavour over the next few weeks to speak to the hot guy from the office over the way.  Even if its just a Hi! I have a few potential dates on the cards from others on Tinder so I think it will be an interesting few weeks ahead.

Ciao for now.


Brighton Dating Girl x

Liar Liar?

Too Good to Be TrueWhen someone seems to good to be true the chances are they are!

Too much in common, just your type, seem to say all the right things etc. etc.

I meet one of these a month ago.  He contacted me first on POF.  His message to me was:

Hey 🙂 You look really nice in your photos, except the dodgy one with the claret and blue shirt ;-p  Anyway, was wondering if you fancy a chat, maybe get to know each other better? x

This is actually quite a thoughtful message for a POF guy as at least shows he has looked at my profile.  Trust me so many of them don’t!

Anyway we chatted for the remainder of the evening asking each other things such as the 3 things you couldn’t live without, music, work, friends, family stuff, why we both single, POF experiences etc. By the end of the evening we had decided we would like to meet up at the weekend as we both agreed we had an awful lot in common.  We exchanged numbers and for the next 2 nights as well as texting spent the evenings talking for hours on the phone.

After talking for just a few days we both decided we didn’t want to wait until the weekend to meet up and arranged to meet up on the Wednesday for a coffee after work.  We had both said we were quite nervous and he had also said that he hoped he was right about me and that I was genuine.  Given that we had been talking I agreed that I hoped he was too.

When we met the date went really well and I do mean really well.  We went for drink and after getting over the nerves we chatted away about everything and a coffee turned into a walk and a few drinks neither of us wanting to end the date.

At the end of the date he said he couldnt wait to see me again and wanted to see me on the Friday.  I took this as a good sign as he was meant to be seeing his mates on the Friday, but I explained I didn’t want him to cancel seeing his friends to meet me but I was free on the Saturday as we had previously arranged.

But as these things seemingly do for me it then all went a bit weird from the following morning.  He stopped texting as much as infact I didnt hear from him all weekend.  He texted after the weekend to say that he had been busy with his mates getting drunk and was very tired.

Since the first date I have seen him twice more and when we are together we have a laugh and get on really well but inbetween he is a completely different person to the guy I used to talk too at the start and who I first met on our first date.

I understand people are busy and have things going on and his reasons for the change are that he has just general shit going on in his life at the moment.  He hasn’t gone into specifics. Is he a liar? He could be telling the truth?  I have asked him as he challenged me over being genuine and valuing honesty over everything else and yet it does not appear to me that these values are something he seems to also participate in, even if he does expect his dates to have these qualities.

As much as I like the guy, and trust me I do otherwise I wouldn’t haven’t given him the time of day that I have, I cannot help but feel there is something else going on.

I don’t understand why guys or anyone for that matter go on a dating website claiming to want a relationship if actually infact they do not have the time for a relationship.

If they hestitate or don’t know what they want then I guess you just have to accept that you are not what they want.  If you are important enough they will want to spend time with you and never be too busy to make time.  If you have to fight for things this early on then it’s time to walk away.  If they don’t fight for you then they don’t see a future with you.

Life really is short and you should spend it with people that want to spend time with you and not those that cause you grief.

I don’t know how this one will end but for the time being I am leaving him alone to deal with the “General Shit” he has going on in his life.

If he is isn’t lying then I guess I will hear from him again but if he is lying I guess he just another player in this ever growing sea of sharks in the dating world.


Brighton Dating Girl x


Took a chance recently and started to go on dates and start dating a nice guy. Very nice and pleasant if not a tad dull but was training to be a pilot and therefore had an exciting hobby.

First date seemed to go well and we quickly organised a 2nd, 3rd date. If fact in total we had 10 dates!!

However as I learnt more and more about ‘OCD’ I realised we were not at all compatible.

I love sport, he did not like any sport at all.

I love going out to restaurants and sampling the restaurants in Brighton. he has eaten in one restaurant only and none in Brighton.

I love to party and have a drink, it took him 2 and half hours to drink one beer.

I like to eat chips in the street or on the beach or have a kebab, he won’t do this as the air in Brighton is too dirty.

I love visiting London and doing different things like the Zoo, he hates London and hasn’t been since 2006.

I like to be spontaneous and wake up and think I’d like to go out today and go to London or do a little day trip, he has never done this and liked to have everything planned.

As you can see its quite a list of difference’s and these were the ones that sealed the deal for me.

As we had been on a few dates he had come round for dinner one night at mine and asked me if I wanted to go for a lay down! Now I know this may appear sweet but it hardly made me go weak at the knees and think yes in fact it just made me think actually I am quite tired and could do with a sleep.

I was honest with him and told him I thought as much as he was a nice guy we were just too different. I gave it a good chance but sometimes in dating you just have to accept that it’s not going to work and you need to move on.

I do still want to date a nice guy but one with a few more common interests with me would be a good start.


Brighton Dating Girl x

Scat Man – Warning on this one! Not for the faint hearted.

IMG_3578Ok folks I didnt actually think I would be persuaded to write a full blog about scat man as I really wasnt sure that anyone would want to read about it to be honest.  However, it has provided me and my friends as well as my family with some giggles over the last few months so here goes nothing I guess……….

I met scat man on POF surprise surprise.  Dialogue started off qute sensible to start with until he then said to me ‘I was surprised to hear back from you considering what is on my profile’  At this point I did panic slightly thinking did I miss something really bad when reading his profile.  Given some of the fetishes etc. I have come across I thought I was a little more savvy now in picking up on key words that might suggest a fetish like ‘watersports’ as an example.  I didnt remember reading anything that had alerted me to a fetish or him being a serial killer but I went back and read his profile again just to be sure.  The only word I must confess I had kind of skipped over was the word ‘Scat’ naively perhaps as like most people I have asked 98% have no idea as I did that ‘Scat’ is not music (most of you may remember the song ‘I’m a scatman’) well Scat is indeed a fetish for Poo or Shit as scat man prefers.

At this point I think curiousity took over and I asked scat man how he had realised that he had a bit of a thing for poo.  He explained that he was in the bath one day when his then girlfriend came in to use the toilet and needed a poo and he got aroused by it.  Again I grant you this was a good point to stop the conversation there and then but I questioned him further and asked if he had experimented with girlfriends and what exactly it entailed.

Scat man explained that essentially he likes anything poo related, watching girls go for a poo, farting, the act of trying to go for a poo (straining I assume he means) or even smearing poo on their arse cheeks following a poo etc. He had tried a few things with an ex girlfriend such as him laying in a bath and her shitting on his chest.

I also asked him what his favourite type of poo was as he explained there are many many different poo’s!  The things you learn hey, I always assumed a poo was a poo.  But, what do I know.  His favourite is a hangover poo. Apparently because it is sticky and smelly 😐

IMG_3520Scat man was obviously at this point I assume extremely pleased if not a little turned on at the thought of me asking so many questions about something that I assume most girls run a million miles from and asked if I would like to learn about all things scat and become his scat student,  He started to call me ‘Miss’ and said I could call him ‘Sir’ He explained that it would be a long process or teaching me and we would startslow but that was willing to teach me if I wanted to learn.

I am not desperate and I have a terrible gag reflex and as fit as scat man may be I just don’t think this is something I could get into.  I explained to my nan about scat man and she said she wasn’t surprised that everyone has something a little weird that they are into nowadays.  Scat man did a few times send me videos of him shitting (Which I did not watch)  and I do get messages every now and again asking me if I need a poo (or as the pictures show a smiley poo!) with the occasionally Hi! if I am lucky.

I am by no means mocking scat man as everyone has something about them that others do not like or a fetish that others may find strange.  I guess I was curious to work out why he would like that but at no point did I laugh at him when talking to him about it.

But I think it is step to far for me in this particular case to take this anything further as I am not very good with gross things such as poo or even saliva in the street!  But as my nan said ‘Each to their own’ and I do hope Sir finds his Miss soon.


Brighton Dating Girl x






My Kryptonite

IMG_3585I think everyone has one person that can just get under their skin.  Mine is ‘Beetlejuice’

‘Beetlejuice’ got his name from my friends who used to say his head was so small for his body and therefore reminded them of beetlejuice in the movie when his head shrinks hahaha

I met Beetlejuice when I was organising a charity cricket match.  My dad had given me the details of a guy that could help me out with a prize.  I had emailed him about a prize and he sorted one out for me.  A few weeks after the event I attended a cricket game at Sussex CC and ‘Beetlejuice’ was there.  My dad and brother were talking to him.  I clocked him but had no idea who he was at the time.  When he left he walked past me and we smiled.  That was it.

My dad said to me after he had left who he was so I felt bad I hadn’t said hi or enquired earlier.

The next day I emailed ‘Beetlejuice’ to say sorry I hadn’t said hello but I hadn’t realised who he was.  We started chatting over email and had exchanged numbers by the end of the day.

We met a up a few times and had a good laugh.  One night whilst on a night out ‘Beetlejuice’ turned up extremely drunk at the club I was at.  He was so drunk he was texting another girl whilst in my company and generally just acting like a jerk.  He denied all of this the next day and tried to say the girl was just a mate.  However a few weeks later he was infact in a relationship with said girl.  Karma served him a little payback though as it turned out she was a lesbian who went out with ‘Beetlejuice’ but then decided she was still a lesbian after all.  Brilliant!

Anyway ‘Beetlejuice’ has always been there really – one of those you cannot get out of your mind.  ‘Beetlejuice’ however knows he has this effect on me though so he plays on this.  He is a typical player a bad boy if you will.  But having decided a long time ago that I really need to not go for this type of guy I have made a breakthrough recently and deleted his number.  It’s taken a while trust me.  But,  if I am not worth his time then in all honesty he is not worth mine.  You cannot make someone into something they are not, I know that only too well and ‘Beetlejuice’ will not be changing his stripes anytime soon.

I think everyone has someone in their life whether they are in it now or in the past that can get to you.  Whether ‘Beetlejuice’ is that one person for me I don’t know.  I hope not as he was/is nothing more than a player with every intention of breaking many hearts along the way.

I am not saying you should always give up on someone but sometimes you just have to accept that you can sometimes fall for the wrong person and you have to know when to walk away with your head held high whilst you still can.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Love Brighton Dating Girl x

Plenty of Freaks…Update!

So I thought I should update you all on some of the goings on……

Hammer from my last blog the one I had high hopes for unfortunately turned out to be a little mixed up! De Ja Vu I know.  I did meet up with him to say hi! the weekend before our big date it was meant to be 5 minutes for us just to say hi so the date would be more comfortable.  The 5 minutes actually turned into 5 hours as we got on so well and had such a laugh that I think we both forgot it wasnt actually meant to be a date.  But the following day he texted me to say that he had a hang up and wasn’t sure he wanted to get into a relationship but said he might see me in 6 months at a West Ham game when he sorted his head out.  All I can say is sweetheart, get yourself off the dating website where you state you want a relationship! I’m not there just to boost your ego! Yeah of course i’ll wait 6 months for you to sort out your baggage! NOT!

Other dates have not gone so well either to be honest but I guess it makes for good reading.

I started talking to 2 locals guys ‘Chef’ and ‘Sparky’

Chef was older than me and new to the area so I agreed to go on a date after a few phone calls and various messages.  However, come date day I heard nothing from him.  Time pasted and a week later i got an apology to say his nan had been taken ill and he had had to go home and was sorry but would like to meet up.  He texted me the morning of the newly arranged date to ask me to call him at 5 when i finished work so we could meet up.  I called him at 5 and low and behold no answer,  I tried again 15 minutes later and still no answer so I went home.  Not heard from him since.  I can offer no explaination on this one other than…… I have nothing!

Sparky was someone than seemed nice and we instantly had a laugh with our messages.  We had pretty much arranged a date within a few days of starting to talk but low and behold on the day of the date he texted me to apologise and say a family matter had arisen that he needed to deal with and could not make the date.  He texted me the next day and we re-arranged for that night.  He explained what had happened the day before and I did believe him.  Anyway yes you guessed it a few hours before meeting I texted him to check he was still ok to meet and he couldn’t same reason as the day before.  At this point I should have told him to jog on but he did seem genuine with his reason so we agreed to try a day date the following day.  I meet a friend for lunch and was due to meet him at 4pm in a local pub and yes you’ve guessed it he cancelled again!!!!!  He said he was sorry and it had been a bad week but still wanted to meet but come on 3 times in 3 days cancelling all 3 times on the day of the date is taking the mick sunshine!

I am seriously considering coming off plenty of fish.  As much as it provides me with the material for my blog the guys are either after one thing only as the message I received today demonstrates.

“Hey I am 28 and living in Hove (by Palmeria Square) you? You up for meeting for casual sex? x

Or they are messed up individuals with a lot of baggage or really into certain fetishs such as scat man.  I know I joined it because I wasn’t meeting people out and about but there has to be a better way? surely!!

Love Brighton Dating Girl x


Mixed Bag

I’m back……Sorry I have been a little distant I have been a little poorly and had to have an operation but I am back and wanted to update you all on some of my recent happenings and post a few blogs to try and catch up!

So in the few weeks I have been off work a few things have happened.  Scat man made a brief reappearance.  Telling me he had been a ‘bad boy’ and needed Miss (me) to punish him! High on my drugs after my operation and with a little encouragement from my sister who was looking after me I decided to play along and essentially joined in with his little fantasy of a scat role playing over text.  All I can say is this guy really loves his scat! Oh my I don’t think it is something I will ever ever be trying.  Each to their own but definitely not one for me and my gag reflexs 🙂

Also had a message from ‘Hammer’ Now Hammer was someone that contacted me when I was at a cricket game with my friends back at the end of June.  He was very funny and making me and my friends laugh with his sense of humour.  We organised a date after a few weeks of talking but he stood me up!  I never heard from him again until a few weeks ago.  He apologised for his behaviour and explained that he had been involved in an accident in his work van and although it was no excuse for not contacting me he asked for a second chance.  I have decided to give him a chance and we are going out next weekend! I do have high hopes for him as he is extemely funny and makes me laugh and supports West Ham which is my team so we have lots we talk about.  I will keep you posted on progress with Hammer.

I did also go on a date with a guy who I cannot think of what to call him at the moment but had what I though was quite a good first date.  We went for a walk on Hove seafront and then went to Woodies diner for a sandwich as was a daytime date.  Had loads to talk about and no awkward sliences.  After our lunch walked back along the seafront and sat on the wall just chatting and he seemed to be quite open in the things we were discussing.  The date was really easy going and had a really good time and agreed to go on a second date a few days later in the evening so could have a few drinks.  The day after the date ‘Hollywood’ (Liked movies and I am struggling for an alias for this one) texted me to say he didn’t think a second date was a good idea.  When I asked him why he said is was because he didn’t think I was dirty enough (in the bedroom) for him as I seemed too sweet on our date. hahahaha poor boy.  As if on a first date you are going to talk about that sort of stuff.  He said he wanted to stay friends and we have and I do see him occasionally for dinner and to watch a movie.  Bless him for making snap decisions based on a first date about a girl and what she is like in the bedroom.  Think he maybe regrets the decision now who knows.  Now we are friends and we have chatted about stuff maybe he will realise you should not judge a girl and what she is like in bed from a first date!!

Love Brighton dating girl x