Catfish Update

So friends I have had a weird day today on the Catfish Saga. I received a message today on facebook from the real person who’s identity was used to create the profile of Lewis and Greg.  It would appear it was the cousin who is infact not really his cousin after all but an ex friend.  It would appear I am not the first person he has done this too and the real person has had girls turning up at his work that have been catfished by this person.

I have helped him out today with what details I have and he has reported it to the police.

I am happy that I know the truth now and can rest easy knowing that I was right to tell the girlfriend so that they could contact me and get the real person who is doing this hopefully a little bit of karma.

Love Brighton dating girl x

Catfish Alert


So this story begins as most of my messed up encounters seem to which is via a message received on POF. I will not use any nicknames in this as after all there really seems no point.

So one Saturday night in June I received a message from a guy call Lewis Holmes, 29 from Longfield the messages started off very positive and we appeared to have a lot in common. His profile seemed just like any other one, he had various pictures and a full description so nothing seemed suspicious. We exchanged numbers and added each other on facebook and we had arranged our first meeting. He had 2 children aged 2 and 4 and therefore given my horror date I suggested bringing the children so we could do something fun like go to the sealife centre in Brighton. My thinking on this was that if I didn’t get on with the children or they didnt like me then we could work this out straight away before any 2nd or 3rd dates.

We chatted on the phone and skyped everyday and things seemed to be going ok. He explained that he had a down syndrome cousin and had told his cousin about me and asked if he could add me as well on facebook. I agreed as it seemed important to him that I would get on with his cousin. Lewis seemed extremely desperate to ask me to be his girlfriend and add me on facebook that we were in a relationship but given we had not met I declined (Alarm Bells did ring at this point!) He had explained to me that his relationship with the mother of his children was not good and she had cheated and he had gone to court over the children.

Anyhow on the Thursday night prior to our Saturday date. Lewis said he wasnt feeling well and had to take his children to his mothers for her to look after them so he could rest. On the Friday he said he was feeling much better and he was 95% certain him and the children would be at the station as planned on Saturday morning. He gave me his email address and asked me to email over the details of the Sealife centre so he could show the children. When I sent the email outlook suggested I stay in contact with this person on facebook which was weird considering we were already friends on facebook. It was Lewis’s picture but when i clicked on it it was a different profile in the name of Greg Smithies. It had the same pictures as the Lewis Holmes profile including I might add pictures of the children.

I at this point started to feel a little sick given that I have watched catfish the tv show. For those of you that haven’t it’s a show about people getting into relationships with people they have meet online and then the person they have been talking to actually turning out to be someone completely different. Remembering some of the things they tell you about and teach you on the show I searched both names on google and came up with nothing. No birth records, electoral roll or anything. I am not a stalker, just given some of the bad experiences I have had and the fact that I live alone a girl can never be too careful and thanks to Catfish the TV show I had learnt a few tricks on how to check a few things out.

I sent Lewis a message asking who Greg Smithies was? He replied saying it was a fake profile that he had set up to chat up girls with his friends and that he no longer used it. He had infact stopped using it the day he started talking to me. hmmmmmm.

Now at this point my friends I should have walked away but agreed to still meet him the next day as planned. Lewis said he would contact me as soon as he got up to let me know he was on his way.

The day arrived!!!! 10.10 ETA on train arriving at Brighton station. At 9.30 I am still at home. No calls from Lewis and no contact. I had tried to call him but no answer. Finally at 11.30 I got a text to say that he was really sorry but his mum had had a nasty fall and he had been at the hospital with her all night and wasn’t going to be able to make it and could we reschedule for the following weekend. I agreed. I received the following message from Lewis:

I crazy for you baby, I love you it’s mad and crazy but I tingle with passion thinking of you . Life’s to short to stand still you have to grab things you want and baby I will fight and be willing to walk a 1,000 miles to show you my love, so I guess I say baby take my heart and let me call you my wonderful, caring, sexy girlfriend xxxxx

I still decline after all I still haven’t met the bloke!

Now the weekend comes and goes and then on Tuesday Lewis who is obviously bored at work starts adding loads of 16 year old girls on facebook and I don’t mean a couple I mean about 50 of them. I send him a message to ask if he is bored as my timeline is full of notifications of Lewis Holmes is now friends with x and y and z. Lewis says he needs to make more sales, he works for Sky in sales. I explain to him that a 16 year girl is not likely to buy Sky considering they probably still live at home but he says yes but they might be able to persuade their parents to buy it! At this point I explain that it is highly unlikely in this day and age that a 16 year old girl will be able to persuade her mum or dad to buy Sky television off some random bloke that has friended her on facebook. Not listening he continues to add them and I send him a message to say you are weird and this behaviour is damn right freaky and therefore I am removing him from facebook. He immediately blocks me before I have a chance to do anything rather than defend himself or call me an idiot. This is indeed the last contact I had with Lewis Holmes/Greg Smithies.

His cousin was still friends with me on facebook so I sent him a message saying I was sorry but Lewis was acting weird and I was going to unfriend him and leave it up to him if he still wanted to be my friend.

2 days later I get a friend request from the cousin. I accepted and on his wall was Lewis/Greg’s picture and comments with yet another name (This time the real one!!) When I clicked on it it said he was in a relationship with a girl who is incidently the girl who was in a few photos on his POF profile but he had labelled as a family friend. She was infact the mother of his children! He had told me his children were called Jack and David when infact they were called something completely different infact the names he had tattooed on his arms who he had told me were the names of his grandad.

Now I decided this was all too much so I reported his profile on POF and explained the story and reported him on facebook. The Lewis Holmes profiles have now been completely removed but the Greg Smithies one is still there on facebook even though it was also reported. Please feel free to go take a look. (Black T-Shirt and Headphones on) I also sent him a message calling him his real name and asking how his children were using their real names and told him I had reported him. I also after talking to mates and the police sent a message to the girlfriend. Mainly because I was worried that this guy uses photos on his children on every profile. I never heard back from her. Maybe she already knew but I knew if it was me and that the fact that children were involved I would want to know. It’s upto her what she does with the information now.

Lewis/Greg  obviously dumped his phone after I confronted him as I then started getiing messages and calls from the number saying someone had found the phone and my number and messages were on it and could I tell them who the phone belonged too. I said I had no idea!

Girls and Guys, don’t get sucked into any stories and don’t fall for the soppy shit. If it moves to quickly then there is a probably a reason they are wanting to you to feel like that. All I can say is if alarm bells ring don’t feel bad for checking up on them. There are some weird people in this world and I feel like I nearly dated the full set of them. Keep your wits about you.

Until next time, take care.


Brighton Dating Girl x