My Kryptonite

IMG_3585I think everyone has one person that can just get under their skin.  Mine is ‘Beetlejuice’

‘Beetlejuice’ got his name from my friends who used to say his head was so small for his body and therefore reminded them of beetlejuice in the movie when his head shrinks hahaha

I met Beetlejuice when I was organising a charity cricket match.  My dad had given me the details of a guy that could help me out with a prize.  I had emailed him about a prize and he sorted one out for me.  A few weeks after the event I attended a cricket game at Sussex CC and ‘Beetlejuice’ was there.  My dad and brother were talking to him.  I clocked him but had no idea who he was at the time.  When he left he walked past me and we smiled.  That was it.

My dad said to me after he had left who he was so I felt bad I hadn’t said hi or enquired earlier.

The next day I emailed ‘Beetlejuice’ to say sorry I hadn’t said hello but I hadn’t realised who he was.  We started chatting over email and had exchanged numbers by the end of the day.

We met a up a few times and had a good laugh.  One night whilst on a night out ‘Beetlejuice’ turned up extremely drunk at the club I was at.  He was so drunk he was texting another girl whilst in my company and generally just acting like a jerk.  He denied all of this the next day and tried to say the girl was just a mate.  However a few weeks later he was infact in a relationship with said girl.  Karma served him a little payback though as it turned out she was a lesbian who went out with ‘Beetlejuice’ but then decided she was still a lesbian after all.  Brilliant!

Anyway ‘Beetlejuice’ has always been there really – one of those you cannot get out of your mind.  ‘Beetlejuice’ however knows he has this effect on me though so he plays on this.  He is a typical player a bad boy if you will.  But having decided a long time ago that I really need to not go for this type of guy I have made a breakthrough recently and deleted his number.  It’s taken a while trust me.  But,  if I am not worth his time then in all honesty he is not worth mine.  You cannot make someone into something they are not, I know that only too well and ‘Beetlejuice’ will not be changing his stripes anytime soon.

I think everyone has someone in their life whether they are in it now or in the past that can get to you.  Whether ‘Beetlejuice’ is that one person for me I don’t know.  I hope not as he was/is nothing more than a player with every intention of breaking many hearts along the way.

I am not saying you should always give up on someone but sometimes you just have to accept that you can sometimes fall for the wrong person and you have to know when to walk away with your head held high whilst you still can.

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Love Brighton Dating Girl x