Who’s idea was this?

So I have never tried online dating before and as my only opportunity to meet guys tended to be on girls nights out at Oceana in Brighton I needed to try a new approach.  Not that the guys you meet out are not my type but let’s be honest when they have had a few pints who knows if you are really theirs!  What’s the old phrase 10 to 2 bird/bloke (I guess now that’s 10 to 3 or 4) depending on the club.  For those of you not familiar with this phase it basically means the club is getting close to closing so you grab the nearest girl or guy nearest to you just so you can have a kiss.

A few of my friends had experienced the world of online dating and the reviews were to be honest very mixed with various levels of success.  After much persuading from those that had the success I hasten to add,  I decided to take the plunge and signed up to Match.Com and Plenty of Fish.  Match.com is a site you have to pay to sign up too and Plenty of Fish or POF as it is known is a free site.

To be totally honest I was so nervous even just typing in my details.  I am no sales woman and am definitely one that looks at my negatives more than my positives and the whole idea is to sell yourself to attract the right person for you.  Not something that comes natural to most people.

*TIP* Be yourself – you can’t look at what other girls have written about themselves and you just have to be honest about you and what you want from a potential date.  Don’t try to think about what a bloke might want as half the time they don’t know themselves and therefore whatever you write will be appealing to some but not to others.

Anyway with the sign up complete you are faced with the daunting task of flicking through thousands and thousands of profiles.  The best way to describe it is like you flicking through a catalogue to see what takes your fancy.  You really do have to put the time in.  The site’s vary slightly but the concept is the same.   On Match.com you can wink at someone you like to show you are interested and on POF you can click on the Meet Me button.  On both you can send messages.  The one thing I would say is do not get disheartened by non-responses.  This is easier said than done trust me I know but as much as you might take a liking to someone they might not feel the same about you.  You definitely need to develop a little bit of a thick skin when it comes to this part of online dating.

I would also say be prepared there are after all some weird people in this world and some I believe have never spoken to a girl before as some of the messages you can receive are let’s just say funny, scary and damn right out of this world cheesy.  My favourites in terms of first contacts for the pure oh my god are you serious factor are:

“Your breasts make my balls jingle like a coin purse”


“Do you like raisins? Cause you raisin this dick”

Needless to say neither of this 2 blokes received a reply from me.

Next time I will tell you about the first few guys I spoke to on the sites and my experience of these contacts.

Until next time……


Brighton Dating Girl x