What should I try next?

I am still here and still dating but have been struggling a little with blog inspiration.  Not too sure why as I have some interesting ones to say the least but thinking that maybe it’s because I have reached the point where I am bored with POF and Tinder.  Or maybe it’s just that I am bored with dating in generally at this moment in time as it seems like it’s just the same old story and the same faces.

But……….Here’s the update on recent events.

“Let’s be friends?

Starting talking to a guy on POF and seemed to click immediately. Had so much in common and chatted for ages about sport (football mainly) but agreed pretty quickly to go on a date with him.  He had some tickets for a food festival locally and asked me to go with him.  Thought it was a brilliant idea for a date so agreed instantly.  This was on the Sunday but continued texting and actually ended up seeing him on the Friday and Saturday prior to the Sunday date.

The weekend seemed to go well but there was a potential spanner in the works.  It appeared that he might have dated my brother’s ex and for me it felt a little weird be like kissing my brother if that makes sense.  He assured me they had not dated on the Friday when I first met him.  But this turned out to be untrue.  After the date on Sunday when he got home he texted me to say he had to come clean as he was feeling guilty for lying and he had infact dated her.  That wasn’t the end of it though as he then confessed that he had an issue with my age. He is nearly 30 and I am 38 so hardly a million years and I had checked with him as soon as we started talking if age was an issue and was assured it wasn’t! Meh! The long and the short of it is I have made another friend.  We have been out since as mates and chat regular and compare notes on dates.  Nothing much else to add on that one really.

“How about a Threesome?”

POF strikes again on this one.  Started chatting to a guy who was into his martial arts so we can call him ‘Martial’ he seemed nice but maybe a little out of practice with chatting to girls.  Started off giving him advice on his profile as he was saying that girls just don’t reply to his messages! Doh! I don’t know why I help them like that I am just too nice considering I should not be helping them be more appealing to other girls when they are talking to me.

Anyhow I digrest.  He kept suggesting he was shy so I agreed to meet him for 10 minutes on his drive home from training.  We meet and he didn’t seem that shy as talked for the 10 minutes and he was asking questions but went along with it.  After we had met he said that although we had met he was still shy.  He explained that he put the shyness down the fact that his ex had cheated on him.

He said he had come up with an idea to help him with the shyness.  The idea was “How about a threesome with me and my mate?” PARDON???? His theory was that he knew him and would feel comfortable doing this! He sent me a picture of his friend (he looked like the guy of off despicable me) Not that I was considering it but I have type and I am very picky on who I let ‘taste the rainbow’ so to speak.  Anyhow his other plan to warm me to the idea was to set up a whats app chat between me, him and his mate entitled sun and fun 🙁 ‘Martial’ then sent a picture to the group of his wiily to which his friend responded with one of his.  The mate then asked “I hope you like what you see?” I responded at this point by saying “erm ‘Martial’ your mate wants to know if you like his willy pic?” then I left the group.

He does’t mention it anymore and when I said to him I was picky and as much as I like to try new things I do not believe his suggestion is a way to get over someone’s shyness!  Even if I was up for it I would at least pick 2 guys I liked and his friend was not in that category to which he replied with “you wouldnt have to look at him he could just be behind you”

Seriously do girl’s actually go for this?

Other than those 2 I have been on one other date ‘Vampire’ All I can say about this one is What the Hell?!  Had a date and at the end of it he bit my neck really hard! I yelped and said fucking hell.  He replied with “Are you not used to that?” erm no, who bites someone that hard on their neck on a date let alone ever to be honest?  It hurt for 3 days after.  He has asked since if I wanted to go for dinner but I have declined.

These are the main reason for my despondant attitude to dating at the moment and the temptation to just delete POF and Tinder for good and leave it up to fate to deliver my prince charming when I least expect it.

Maybe I am too picky but I am determinded not to just settle for someone.  I want the butterflies and the uncontrollable heartbeat when I see them and to find someone I connect with and have things in common with.  I didn’t used to think this was too much to ask for but maybe it is? Suggestions on other ways to meet guys are welcome, what should I try next?

Love Brighton Dating Girl x